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"The Remarkable Fixed Indexed Annuity."

Invest 5-minutes to learn about the popular and timely fixed indexed annuity. 

David Macchia, MBA, RMA, CBBF


"It's a remarkable vehicle for savings.
Learn how it can protect your retirement."

"Upside growth potential without the risk of loss. Is there a more compelling financial value proposition? Add to that a guaranteed rate of interest, the option for interest linked to one or more stock indices, safety of principal, and the right to convert to lifetime guaranteed income, and savers have the antidote to today's uncertain economy."

"The Potential for Growth, Without the Risk of loss."

"The Emperor of all financial value propositions."

"Stocks go up and down. The fixed indexed annuity goes up and not down."

An Example: Why the Fixed Indexed Annuity is Such a Compelling Vehicle for Saving.

The chart on the right illustrates hypothetical, 5-year performance of a stock index.   Over the period, the index rose in four out of the five years: 16% in year one, 14% in year two, 24% in year 3, and 12% in year 5. year two (16% (, year 3 (22%), In year four, the index dropped by 18%. 


"50% of the gains when stocks go up, none of the losses when stock go down."

"100% of the interest gains from previous years are protected. They are locked-in."

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50% Participation Rate

A 50% participation rate means that the annuity will be credited 50% of any index increase. Savers who do not wish to take on the risk of investing may appreciate the potential to earn rates of interest that are higher than CDs.  

Competitive Interest Rates

In this example, interest rates of 8%, 7%, 12% and 6% may have exceeded CDs by a wide margin.  However, when the index declined by 18% in year 4, the Fixed Indexed Annuity owner was protected against loss. Moreover, the four years of previous gains were "locked-in."

Choose the  Interest Method

Many Fixed Indexed Annuities offer the ability to select how your interest is credited. You may choose from one or more indices, or, choose to receive a traditional rate of interest that the insurer declares annually.  Some FIAs allow you to allocate savings to both methods.

Who is an ideal candidate to save with a Fixed Indexed Annuity?


Wishes to shield a portion of savings from investment risk.


Wants to guarantee the payment of monthly income


Appreciates the advantage of savings growing tax-deferred


Seeks the potential for rates of interest higher than CDs

Let's Zoom

"I will show you how the FIA can help you build tax-advantaged wealth, and lifetime  income in retirement."

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David Macchia
Author, Constrained Investor

About David

About David

A nationally-recognized authority in the field of retirement income planning, David Macchia is an author, entrepreneur and public speaker whose work is focused on enhancing retirement security in the U.S. Well known for his numerous marketing innovations, David is the developer of several of the industry's most successful retirement income solutions, including The Income for Life Model, and Women & Income, the first retirement income solution developed expressly for "boomer" women.

David has written dozens of articles on the subject of retirement income planning, and two books, Lucky Retiree and Constrained Investor. David earned an MBA, with Honors, from Boston University's Questrom School of Business. He holds the RMA and CBBF professional designations. David is Senior Board Advisor to the non-profit Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice. He has served as  Senior Consultant to LIMRA, and Director of the non-profit Retirement Income Industry Association.


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